Obedience Training:

These are six dogs owned by Jayme R. and her mom.


They have been in training for four weekends now and they are doing great. They are well behaved dogs that were trained by Dogs On The Mark. Jayme rescues these dog and sometimes adopts them out to new families. Jayme is a Vet Tech at Essex Animal Hospital and has taken care of all these dogs and nursed them back to great health. We have been working together in their training and Jayme is now training them from here on out until Zander gets adopted. This is what you can achive when you work as a team in your dogs training and everyone is on the same page. Jayme's mom is also involved in this and has worked wonders with her dog Gus. I teach the owners how to understand a dog's mind and body in my training, and as you see, when following my training methods, you too can have calm, happy, and well behaved dogs.

Scott Burgess
Owner of Dogs On The Mark.