Obedience Training:

Our trainers specialize in basic obedience and good manners for dogs of any age or breed. Only positive training methods are used. No pain is inflicted upon your pet. We come to your home to train. Sessions are 1-1 1/2 hours.
$150.00 – first session  |  $100.00 – additional session

Aggression problems – deal with correcting aggression issues – all breeds

$200.00 – per session

Obedience with Hunt and Field Training

This training package is good for breeds of hunting, sporting and working. Our trainers will not only train your dog for obedience, but will also train the owner and dog for field work. This will bring out the natural ability of the breed in response to the owners commands. This training is also good for the dogs mind, body and general well being.

These types of breeds need this training. They are bred for it. It also keeps these high energy dogs calm, happy and tired at the end of a training session. Owners will also enjoy this time spent bonding with their pets. So get your dog ready for the next hunting season by contacting Dogs On The Mark. Sessions are 2 hours
$175.00 – first session  |  $125 – additional session

Full On Hunt Training For Waterfowl and Upland Bird Hunting

We at Dogs On The Mark can train your hunting dog to hunt waterfowl and or upland birds. Once your dog knows his basic commands and is leash trained, we can then take your dog to the next level and get them trained for real hunting. It is best to start them at a very young age, but we can train older dogs to hunt too. We start by using bumpers and decoys to get them fetching and returning with the retrieve. Then we train them for being around gun fire so that they are not gun shy. All of our training will be set up as a real hunt scenario to get them ready for a real hunt. We work them on land and in the water while training at many locations so that they never get board or think there is only one place to train and hunt. After they have learned these things, we start training them to do single, double, and triple retrieves. Training involves many products and we will go over all of these with you the owner showing you how to use them and which ones to buy. All products will be provided for your dogs training while with us, but you the owner must buy needed products to further train your dog. This training is not a one time session, it takes many sessions and also involves you the owner to practice every day at home what you have learned at our training sessions. For a puppy, about 15-30 minutes twice a day. For a dog 6months to a year, about 30-40 minutes twice a day.

We train dogs on the weekends and we recommend 1 training session every 1-2 weeks. In between these sessions, you must work with your dog to practice what you have learned at the last training session. Then we meet again in 1-2 weeks to move to the next level of training. Most trainers charge thousands of dollars to train your dog for you. We have set up our training to minimize cost and allow you to choose how many training sessions you want to get your dog ready to hunt. Each dog learns at different paces and some take more time, it depends on the dog. This training is also good if you already have a trained hunting dog and just need a refresher to get them ready for hunting season.
$200.00 – per session

Information For Owners:

All dogs must be current on their shots before training begins. Training products will be provided at the time of training. Owners must purchase all equipment for continued future training. All training will be done at the owners residence unless requested. If requested, dogs can be trained at local parks, fields and woods. Contact us for information.

These training methods must be continued by the owner after our sessions have been completed for a positive outcome and continued success.

Dogs On The Mark offers free information on your dogs nutritional needs, toys, treats, grooming needs, training products and we will answer any of your questions.

$5.00 Off training on any rescued dog. Owner must show proof of adoption during first visit. This discount is good for each and every session.