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Here at Dogs On The Mark, we offer an array of services and packages to meet your pets needs. Whether a simple walk or potty break for your poodle or comprehensive hunt training for your retreiver, we are here to help. We give your pet the same love, treatment and attention that you give our own pets.

We have been training and taking care of pets in the Maryland region for over 20 years. We do it with honesty, integrity and, most importantly, because we love working with animals. We offer free information on your dogs nutritional needs, toys, treats, grooming needs, training products and we'll answer any of your questions.

I hope you enjoy our website and find everything you will need for your dog's care. We have a trusted staff who can provide the right care for your pet.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as we deliver to you and your pet the best care the pet care industry has to offer. Try us and you too will find that Dogs on the Mark is ahead of the pack!

Areas Covered - MD, PA, VA, and Delaware

Our Services

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Training Sessions

Get 10% off when you sign up for your first and follow up session at once.

Obedience Training

Sessions are 1-1 1/2 hours.

Our trainers specialize in basic obedience and good manners for dogs of any age or breed. Only positive training methods are used. No pain is inflicted upon your pet. We come to your home to train.

$$ Call for current pricing

Obedience / Hunt / Field Training

Sessions are 2 hours

This package is good for hunting, sporting and working breed dogs. Our trainers will train both you and your dog for obedience and field work.

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Aggression Issues Training

This package is for dogs with aggression issues towards other dogs, animals or people. We work with the owner and the dog to stop any aggression, as well as teaching the owner how to handle these situations where the dog goes into a aggressive state of mind. This is for all dogs: any breed, age, or size.

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Information for Owners

  • All pricing is for one dog only. Each additional dog is $25.00.
  • Any client location over 30 minutes drive-time is $25.00/per half hour drive time plus any tolls. That's one direction only.
  • All dogs must be current on their shots before training begins. Training products will be provided at the time of training. Owners must purchase all equipment for continued future training. All training will be done at the owners residence unless requested. If requested, dogs can be trained at local parks, fields and woods. Contact us for information.
  • These training methods must be continued by the owner after our sessions have been completed for a positive outcome and continued success.
$5.00 Off training on any rescued dog. Owner must show proof of adoption during first visit. This discount is good for each and every session.


Tom Katana

Scott is a smart, insightful and talented dog-trainer. He doesn't just recite training philosophies, but details step-by-step approaches that clearly work. He understands the nuances of each dog/owner situation and adjusts accordingly. Have very much enjoyed working with him to train my now one-year old labrador, "Moose."

If you're not getting the results you want from your current training method, I highly recommend that you call Scott.

Judi W
Finksburg, MD

Dogs on the Mark owner, Scott Burgess, is both professional and passionate in his work with dogs. From the first meeting you can see his dedication to training dogs with positive reinforcement and care, yet he never relinquishes the leadership role. My dogs responded immediately. His suggestions were on point, and easily duplicated by us once he was gone.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve or reclaim their role as master of the home, those looking for behavioral improvements, or anyone seeking to train their dogs for higher level skills such as hunting or related dog trials. This is one investment that won't lose it's value --the price is right and their is only capital gain in the end!


Scott was working with a neighbor's new lab puppy when I met him. I watched him working with that puppy and decided that my very active eight month old yellow lab needed some professional training. He worked with me and Cooper for over two hours, at our home, which was very convenient for me. He also routinely checked on his home training, to see if I needed any more help. His training methods are very calm and relaxed. I am very pleased with what Scott has taught Cooper as well as what I have learned. I would recommend him to anyone.

K. Kilmon

My experience with Scott from "Dogs on the mark" left me feeling more secure leaving my dogs out of their crates while I was not at home. I have two dogs, and one of them (a wiener dog) thinks he can jump on the couch when no one is at home.

After some training and a lot of patience, I can trust that my furniture will still be intact when I return. I am very pleased with the results a little bit of understanding from both myself and the dog did for my home. Highly recommended.

Scott/Morgan Lokey

We feel so lucky and blessed to have found Scott at: Dogs On The Mark. He takes such great care of our Bowline and brings his dog Dakota to play at ever visit. It is nice to know that our dog gets to play and run during the day while we are at work. He has trained Bowline to dock jump and has shown us the right products to help reinforce Bowlines training. We come home to a well worked and calm dog after a hard day at work.


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